Jam City Introduces ‘Peanuts’ to Bubble Shooting in Newly Announced ‘Snoopy Pop’

If you’ve heard of  FAMILY GUY: The Quest for Stuff, you’ve heard of Jam City. How about Cookie JamPanda Pop? Even Marvel Avengers Academy came from Jam City, and this summer they’ll have another mobile game to add to their roster, Snoopy Pop.

Artists, animators, and storytellers from Peanuts Worldwide are in close collaboration with Jam City to bring Snoopy Pop to life. The premise? Woodstock and his flock have been trapped in these bubbles, and it’s up to you to rescue them. It’s a simple set-up that compliments the classic comic strip originally created by Charles M. Schulz. The name may not be actively prevalent in today’s discussions, but it’s quite difficult to altogether avoid exposure to the Peanuts universe. Not only are these timeless characters known, they are loved.

Combine these very personalities with the approachable nature of a bubble shooter, and Snoopy Pop is suddenly conceived. Here’s a quick list of what the game brings to the table:

  • Fun, varied, dynamic and challenging puzzles
  • Fresh new levels, characters, worlds and events added regularly
  • Collections of character game pieces, boosters and more
  • Unique character based power-ups, like Charlie Brown’s Kite
  • Game modes featuring Snoopy’s colorful alternate personas such as The Flying Ace and Masked Marvel
  • Events based on classic storylines and holiday specials
  • Maps, obstacles, and boosters that capture the spirit of Peanuts
  • Original, licensed music from the Peanuts holiday specials

“Working with partners who truly understand the heart of the brand and characters is paramount to Peanuts Worldwide,” said Roz Nowicki, Executive Vice President of Peanuts Worldwide and Iconix Entertainment. “Jam City has demonstrated great care and skill in helping bring Snoopy, Woodstock, Charlie Brown, Lucy, and the entire Peanuts gang to a new generation of audiences. We are thrilled that people around the world who love Peanuts will be able to have so much fun playing Snoopy Pop.”

Pre-registering for the free-to-play bubble shooter will net you an in-game, Snoopy-themed gift when the game launches on mobile devices this summer. Head on over to Snoopy Pop‘s official website (or on Google Play) to secure your reward.

Snoopy Pop looks like it’ll scratch a nostalgic itch for many. Keep an eye on EB for further Snoopy Pop updates as they develop.


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