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Jane Wilde Logo

Jane Wilde is a side scrolling shooter for iOS and Android devices by Level Bit games that features a buxom blond sheriff who believes in kicking ass and taking names. She’s tasked with taking out the trash after the wild west develops a monster problem, and she definitely has the chutzpa to take on the gruesome task. Female gamers may take umbrage with her ever jiggling chest torpedoes, but their male counterparts will probably list them as their most memorable feature from the game.

Here in lies the problem with stylized characters like Jane Wilde. A character’s look should never be the focus of a game because it takes away from the actual gameplay. Wilde is fun to play, but it’s almost impossible to not focus on her boobs. The game could have very well been called Jane’s Chest, which is why some gamers may be turned off by the overall look and feel of the titular character.

Although, for a free game, it does show some potential, and it definitely offers challenging side scrolling shooter gameplay.


Jane Wilde is one tough sheriff who gets tasked with taking on a legion of monsters who have invaded the wild west. The story is told through static cut scenes that pop up in between each round of gameplay. Like a majority of mobile games, the plot isn’t very deep at all.


Yeah, she's a bad ass
Yeah, she’s a bad ass

In Jane Wilde the narrative mainly serves as a break point in between the action. It doesn’t offer any insight into the lead character, nor does it explain why she likes to wear an itsy bitsy halter top when she does her killing. The invasion of monsters is only glossed over, so you never really know why Jane’s town gets deluged with undead.

For mobile games this isn’t a deal breaker, especially in a game of this nature, but it would’ve been nice to have animated cut scenes, or at least a little more care put into the plot that surrounds the solid, yet challenging gameplay.


Jane Wilde offers side scrolling shooter based gameplay that was first made popular back on the NES. You’re tasked with mowing down waves of enemies using an arsenal of weapons that can be upgraded using points earned through completing levels. There are five main stages that contain sub-levels, all of which need to be completed to unlock the next main area.

Each of the sub-levels offer completion ratings, similar to Angry Birds and other mobile titles, that add to your coin collection that can be used to upgrade Jane’s weapons, buy ammo, or unlock special abilities. The last level of each stage also offers a boss fight. The bosses are actually quite tough to deal with, but they change up the pace of play nicely.

The gun play is tight, and the controls are minimalistic. Jane can only move right or left, which is accomplished with a pair of virtual arrow buttons on the left side of the screen. You must always be ready to change directions because her foes can pop up in front of her as well as behind her. Altering directions is fast paced, which is key to successfully vanquishing the monster horde.

Jane must always be aware of her surroundings
Jane must always be aware of her surroundings

Jane’s weapon load out, which can be accessed and toggled on the right hand side of the screen, provides you with a varied assortment of monster killing utilities. She can wield a pistol, a shotty, a gatling gun, a bone bow, and even the peculiar fishgun. Outside of the pistol, all of the ancillary weapons need to be unlocked with coins earned from playing the game. Each weapon can also be upgraded with buffs to give them more stopping power and other bonuses. At any point in time Ms. Wilde can switch between three main weapons. This is done with a simple swipe on the right side of the screen, which brings up a weapon wheel that is very similar to the ones used in console titles.

The combination of switching weapons, strategically ejecting their payloads, and navigating Jane’s movements make up the bulk of the gameplay in Jane Wilde. She can also use power-ups, which can be unlocked using the in-game currency. These range from stage clearing super bombs, to enhanced speed and gun power buffs.

Who knew a fishgun could be so deadly
Who knew a fishgun could be so deadly

When Jane’s left to right movements are paired with twitchy gunplay, she can be a force to be reckoned with. The piles of monster flesh that she leaves in her wake could even make Rambo jealous. The amount of gore is awesome, and there’s no shortages of spilt blood and body parts after each level is completed. The easy to use controls make dispatching your foes a pleasant experience, but don’t take that as this game being easy. Jane Wilde gets extremely tough during some of the later stages, so you have to use your arsenal, special moves, and navigational controls perfect tandem to ensure success.

In addition to the single player campaign Jane Wilde also has a survival mode that plays out similarly to the main game. In survival your tasked with taking on a seemingly unlimited amount of bad guys en route to earning points and progressing to harder enemy types. This mode didn’t feel much different from the campaign, but it definitely puts your skills to the test.

The most troublesome factor in regards to Jane Wilde’s gameplay is the amount of ads it throws at you. An obtrusive ad is displayed on screen in between every menu change. If you beat a level an ad pops up. If you click on a menu item an ad pops up. They become so prevalent in the game that there’s absolutely no way to avoid clicking on one.

The game is free-to-play, so it makes sense that Level Bit wants to try and earn some cash for their work, but the ad placement is done in a way that borers on unethical business practices. They felt like those horrific ads that pop up on certain websites (IGN) when you browse to them, completely covering the content, and almost impossible to avoid. They would be much less worrisome if they weren’t displayed so often, but in their current state they definitely tarnish the Jane Wilde experience.


Level Bit did a fine job animating Jane Wilde. The game’s visuals look very crisp on both the iPhone and iPad retina displays. Wilde’s large chest is accentuated by life-like jiggling animations, which definitely cause your eyes to do a double take. The monster horde’s blood and guts look like a vibrant painting of death when they’re laid to waste. The gun blast animations are unique to each weapon, and their effects on the undead are surprisingly detailed.

The boss fights help to change up the repetitive gameplay
The boss fights help to change up the repetitive gameplay

The static cutscenes lose some of the graphical fidelity that the actual game offers, and this is even more clear on the larger iPad screen. Some jagged lines can be seen, and the images don’t look fully optimized for larger retina displays. Overall, Jane Wilde sports a vibrant look and feel that definitely offers a pleasing visual palette to the eyes.


For some reason Plants vs. Zombies comes to mind when thinking about how to describe the audio flavor of Jane Wilde. There’s a distinct resemblance to it in the menu music that should ring familiar to gamers who have played PvZ. The level music is forgettable, but it has a hint of the wild west in it. The twangy soundtrack fits the premise of the game, but it’s nothing memorable.

The sound effects on the other hand are top notch. The gun blasts and resulting monster massacres all sound brilliantly violent while progressing through the campaign or survival mode. There’s something disturbingly soothing to the carnage that takes place in Jane Wilde, which can be directly attributed to its stellar sound effects.

Final Thoughts

For a free-to-play game there’s no reason not to download Jane Wilde. It makes for a great time waster, and actually sports entertaining gameplay. The act of blasting through mounds of monster flesh does get old after long sessions with Wilde, but like other mobile games, it’s doubtful that you’d play it for hours at a time, so there’s a good chance you’ll never experience gameplay fatigue.

Jane’s comically sized breasts may turn off gamers who are looking for more accurate portrayals of female video game characters, but it may have the opposite effect with gamers who like super deformed looking female body types. Her ta-tas definitely play a starring role in the game, so if big jiggly chest mounds are your thing you’ll definitely be mesmerized by Jane Wilde’s visuals.

If it weren’t for the insane amount of ads featured in this game it’d be a much more cohesive experience. The way they’re used definitely makes it feel as if Level Bit planned to trick you into clicking on them so they could recoup some development costs. Ads in free games should be expected, but there’s better ways of placing them than how they’re use in this game. Due to this, Jane Wilde earns 7.5 out of 10 Buddhas. It’s worth a download, but don’t expect to be blown away by innovation.

Jane Wilde for iOS Gameplay Video [HD]

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