Japan Puts a Unique Spin On Its Call of Duty: Black Ops Commercial

It’s always strange to see how various forms of media are received, or interpreted in other countries.  Not everyone has the same tastes as the U.S., and some controversial things here aren’t so in other parts of the World.  The opposite can also be applied to that statement.  That’s exactly what has happened with Call of Duty: Black Ops and its Japan release.  In the U.S., COD: Black Ops is and M rated game, which means you have to be over 17 years old to buy it.  In Japan, the game received an adults only rating, similar to the dreaded NC-17 rating over here.

I find that very odd considering some of the demented stuff that comes out of that country, but it is what it is.  To help offset a negative reaction to the game’s rating, Square Enix, the publisher of the game in Japan, released a trailer with a very up beat dance tune as the music.  It’s almost funny to hear this club mix going on while images of war and death are being strewn across the screen.  For how globalized this World is becoming, it’s still interesting to see how cultural tastes remain firmly rooted in the past.  Hell, we still can’t have someone say sh*t on TV, so we have our own beliefs.  Check out this odd pairing below.  You’ve been wanting a Dance Central COD game…


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