Japanese Perfecting Robotic Girlfriend, Next Up the T- 800!

I came across a video of a Japanese robot woman who looks so real that you’re “I’ll f*ck anything that moves!” buddy would probably hit on her after a few shots of Jager (since she moves he may not even need a drink).  The sad thing is that this whole robot woman endeavor is actually to provide ready made girlfriends to those creepy enough to buy one.  That’s right.  Rather than creating a super force of lifelike killing machines the Japanese would rather spend their efforts on making sure humans literally never have to come in contact with each other.

The amazing thing is this robot does in fact look like a real human, and unless you really stare her down you could easily trick yourself into thinking she was real.  At least that’s what you could tell your roommate when he catches you humping a distant relative of your toaster.  Check out the robot girlfriend demo below and be afraid.  Be very afraid!  You’ve been thinking that Judgment Day has to be right around the corner…

Japanese Robot Girlfriend


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