Japanese Vag Bubbles???

Once again Ray William Johnson has dug up a video gem.  In his Monday episode he had a decent line up of clips to make jokes about.  There’s some dope who gets pwned by a wasp, another drugged up dentist patient video, and an old Japanese movie that showcases one of the craziest super powers of all-time.  First off, what the hell do dentists give their patients these days?  I mean these people look like they’ve huffed enough gasoline to liquefy their brains.  I want some the next time I go to the mouth torturer!

The dentist patients aren’t the real gem though.  That title is reserved for the Japanese samurai movie, or whatever the hell it is.  The female fighter summons demon vag*na bubbles from Hell!  That’s right, she squirts out suds from her privates like she is dispensing foam in a drive-thru car wash.  Who comes up with this stuff?  I don’t even think Stan Lee could have come up with a super power that even comes close to vag bubbles.  Guys, if you ever see a girl foaming from her crotch stay away because it may kill you.  You’ve been wondering what makes Japanese people tick…


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