Will he or won’t he, will he or won’t he. The reports were back and forth as to whether Jason Momoa, known for playing the brave Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones, would be playing Aquaman for DC’s upcoming slate of movies. Although Warner Bros. has not officially made the announcement, Drew McWeeney at Hitfix is saying that Momoa has officially been cast as the aquatic Justice League-er. The report also says that director Zack Snyder has finished designs for the character so shooting can soon begin.

Although Aquaman does not have a solo movie included in the leaked movie plans for DC, it sounds that the current draft of the script for Batman v. Superman will allow an organic introduction for Aquman. After the fallout with Superman’s destructive battle with Zod, it seems that the damage done by the World Engine has gotten the attention, for good or ill, of Aquaman. This will lend itself to a brief cameo and then a much bigger role in the Justice League movie, which is currently slated for May 2017.

Last week there were rumors circulating that Momoa was cast as Aquaman but there wasn’t anything official. Then Momoa posted a cryptic image to his Instagram, in which he is holding a pitchfork which people mistook for a trident, but he is also giving the middle finger. Ambiguities aside, the report from Hitfix says that he is officially cast in the role of Aquaman, and also as previously reported a lot of the delays in production for DC’s upcoming slate of movies was primarily due to contract negotiations. This might have been another case of contracts not being finalized, but it sounds like Snyder has everything prepped for Aquaman’s appearance in Batman v. Superman.


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