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I have a history with sport headphones not working well with me, at all. This applies to even the simplest task like cutting the grass or doing the dishes. When you finally find a great pair of headphones, you don’t want to do anything without them. That phrase sums up what I think about the Jaybird Tarah headphones. Initially I was worried because I have a history of getting earbuds/exercise headphones that don’t like to stay in my ear. Not only do the Tarah headphones offer comfortability but they function very well in terms of sound and usage.

The Jaybird Tarah headphones come with a few things right out of the box. Obviously you get the headphones themselves which are attached by a cord. Attached to that cord is a volume switch that will also play and pause your music for you at the push of a button. You can also adjust the length of the cords for either side in case you need it longer on one side as opposed to the other. The cord cinch allows you to keep it at the length the that you adjust it to. Jaybird also supplies you with a shirt clip incase you don’t want the cord bouncing around everywhere, which didn’t seem to happen much. I performed some rigorous tests including running and jumping around and the headphones stayed in my ears the entire time. Just in case you need to change your ear gels, Jaybird packages the Tarah headphones with three extra gels that come in small, medium and large.

While the external makeup of the Tarah headphones is great, it is the sound quality and internals that really make this pair shine above the rest. Ear buds normally give a pretty solid sound quality even for being such a small piece of tech. The Tarah headphones provide a crisp and clean sound quality that you can even adjust by downloading the app that is suggested in the instructions. You can mess with things like sound quality and even load your playlists for instant access. The ear piece is extremely comfortable when you put it in your ears as well, it literally feels like you’re wearing nothing.

I would recommend this pair of headphones to anyone, even if you aren’t going to use them for exercising. As far as the price point, it is pretty middle ground compared to other big names on the market. You can snag the Jaybird Tarah headphones for about $99.99 from retailers. The only thing I didn’t like about this pair of headphones is that the charger it comes with is not only ridiculously small, but doesn’t come with an outlet brick, so you need to either have one or use a USB port. Other than that, I love these headphones and they have now replaced my current work out/lawn work headphones, check them out!

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Review statement: The product was supplied by the developer for the sake of this review.

Jaybird Tarah Headphones Review

Build Quality - 9
Functionality - 9.5
Ease of Use - 10
Price - 8
Entertainment Value - 9



If you can shell out the $100 price tag, these are some of the best sport headphones available. They are not only comfortable and effective, but the sound quality is crisp and clear. The only down fall is the tiny charger with no adapter.



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