Jedi Knight Revan Is Available in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes for a Limited Time

One of EA’s only good Star Wars games, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, has a new limited time event running right now that allows gamers to earn shards to unlock the Jedi Knight version of Revan from the Knight of the Old Republic video game franchise.

And for those rolling your eyes over the fact that I called Galaxy of Heroes a good game, get over yourself and your disdain for free-to-play mobile titles, because this game has offered up to me nearly three years of daily gameplay that hasn’t costed me a dime, so I would say that it can’t be that horrific of an EA Star Wars title. Besides, I think most of the anger levied on this game — just read the comments on the trailer above — stems from the fact that EA has mostly squatted on the Star Wars license, and hasn’t done much in the AAA space, so I’m not entirely convinced that they truly hate Galaxy of Heroes.

I’m not a paid sponsor by the way, I just enjoy the game and its daily grind, and while I fully understand that this Revan event can only be fully unlocked by the game’s Whales (think big spenders) this first time around, I know that eventually, with grinding that I curiously enjoy, I will be able to unlock him for free. That’s why I enjoy this game, because if you want to pay to play you can, but if you don’t you can still earn all of the legendary characters over time, and quite frankly you can compete with the big spenders, so it’s a pretty balanced free-to-play title.

Alright, rant over, get to tapping your way towards Revan!


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