Jedi Ninjas? Yes it’s as Awesome as it Sounds!

YouTuber Gak Attack has teamed up with the Team2X stunt crew to create a fantastic action sequence featuring ninjas with Jedi powers.    Yes, I said ninjas who wield the Force and use lightsabers instead of katanas, and yes it’s as bada*s as it sounds.  Their little collaboration makes the fight scenes from the Star Wars prequels look like sh*t.  Sorry Hayden and Ewan, this group of professional martial artists, and stunt fighters make you look like the amateurs that you are.

Gak Attack’s VFX work once again shines in this fusion of martial arts and swordplay, and his vision should be applauded.  The fight choreography is beautiful, the VFX work is sound, and there’s lightsabers!  You can’t go wrong with that combination folks, so you owe it to yourself to watch some Jedi Ninja action below.  Check it out and let us know what you think.  Don’t forget to give Gak some love if you dig it by liking it, and/or favoring it on his channel!  You’ve been wondering if you’d rather be a ninja, a Jedi, or a Jedi Ninja…

Jedi Ninjas Ft. Team2X

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