Jediism Becoming Religion of Choice for Many Star Wars Geeks

The peculiar NMAtv site that is known for its outlandish animated news spots has ran a story today about the Jedi (they pronounce it Jed-ee) belief system becoming a religion for some hardcore Star Wars fans.  Jediism as they call it, even has an International Church of Jediism, which was founded by Daniel M. Jones.  Their belief system is wholly based off of the Jedi Code, which essentially commands you to, “eschew emotion, ignorance and wanton desire in exchange for peace, knowledge and serenity, all while drawing empowerment from The Force, a unifying energy present in all living things” (NMAtv description).

There’s actually some traction to this movement with many countries residents listing Jedi as their official religion on census forms.  The Czech Republic has 15,000 registered Jedi’s while New Zealand and Australia have over 150,000 practicing Jedi.  I say more power to them.  Jediism, like all religions, is just meant to provide a guideline for not being an a-hole, so if you need Star Wars to do that for you then go for it.  I haven’t been to church in many years, but if I had a local Jediism temple in my town I would have to give it a go.  For a full and animated recap of this story please head past the break to watch NMAtv’s take on the Jedi religion.  You’ve been needing to update your census packet…

Jedi is a religion, say Star Wars fans

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