Jim Carrey: I’m a Relationship Expert Not a Comedian!

It seems Fire Marshall Bill thinks that he needs to tweet about Tiger’s infidelity all of a sudden.  I’m not sure if it’s because Jim Carrey just dumped Jenny Mcarthy or what, but he’s starting to come out of hiding and tweet really odd twits about Tiger Woods.  Now he’s definitely pro Tiger, but he made an odd statement saying that Elin had to be in on the scandal from the get go.

First of all, why is Carrey even commenting on this?  Shouldn’t he worry about getting back to being funny?  When is the last time you laughed at a Jim Carrey movie?  Hell, when’s the last time you even went to see a Jim Carrey movie?  He used to be one of the funniest white dudes on the planet, but ever since he made it big he’s taken on too many serious roles.  He needs to get back to talking out of his asshole, or one of his other old gimmicks.  You know you’ve hit a low in show business when you only make news by tweeting random crap about other celebs.  Didn’t he use to command $20 million a movie?

Anyway, the tweets that got him in the news deal with his opinion that Elin knew all along about Tiger’s humping problems.  “No wife is blind enough to miss that much infidelity,” “Elin had 2 b a willing participant on the ride 4 whatever reason. kids/lifestyle.”, Carrey wrote[slider title=”.”]MSNBC is my source for these quotes.[/slider]  Note to Jim Carrey, “Where were you 4 months ago when this scandal first broke, this is old news now.  Tiger has been washed of his sins the moment he struck that first golf ball on Thursday.”  Don’t you feel the same way?

The Tiger talk has already shifted to his golf game again.  The wanton sexscapades are yesterday’s news just like Jim Carrey’s recent movies.  If Elin was honestly in on it that would be the coolest thing ever, but I highly doubt any woman or gold digger would put up with Tiger’s BS knowingly.  If she was in on it why hasn’t she been seen with Tiger in public?  Why did she allegedly beat his ass with a golf club?  She’s too damn cute and innocent looking for that type of encouragement to her spouse.  I don’t think she’d let any man do that to her regardless if he’s the next coming of Christ or not.  Elin, the Entertainment Buddha has your back.  Tell Jim Carrey to go get his funny back and quit worrying about your life!

You’ve been enlightened…



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