For you geeks out there, I just want to point out that we have one of our kind firmly implanted in pop culture.  Jimmy Fallon is a huge geek that isn’t afraid to show it.  He regularly features videogames and other forms of geekery on his late night show, which is nice for people like us that are tired of hearing the same old song and dance from mainstream celebs when they’re on a talk show.  You know, the douche-chill-esque interviews where actors say they loved every other actor on set, and they tirelessly go on about how awesome every person was on a certain film.  Deep down you always know these celebs would love to just say, “You know what, so and so is a goat blower, and he/she can’t act their way out of a paper bag!”

Anyway, Fallon has to oblige to this mainstream BS from time to time, but typically he features some real grassroots stuff.  I would like to share the bit he just recently did on “America’s Got Talent”, which showcases his impressions and talent.  This is a word that easily gets forgotten while watching some contestants on the show, but I can confirm that Jimmy Fallon does have some.  He’s a great impressionist but more importantly I’m amazed at all of the material he has prepared for each impression.  Check out his bit below.  He doesn’t start his routine until about 1:45 in, so you can FF through all of the Nick Canon BS.  You’ve been looking for a popular celebrity geek for quite some time…


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