Jimmy Fallon Pokes Fun at Tebow With New Tebowie Parody

Say what you will about Tim Tebow, but at least he’s the last bastion of morality when it comes to professional athletes, so outside of the media whoring on him I kind of like the dude (Yes even though he beat my crippled Steelers).  That’s not to say that all of the coverage on him this season wasn’t ridiculous, because it was, but he continues to pull performances out of his as* when no one thinks he can.  This has led many to believe that Jesus himself is willing Tim and his Broncos to victory this year, which if you’re a sane person is absolutely ridiculous.  If there is a magical man in the sky do you really think he gives a rat’s a*s about Tim Tebow winning football games?  I think he’s probably got better things to do like curing AIDS, or something exponentially more important than the success of NFL teams.

Jimmy Fallon has taken this whole Tebow = Jesus phenomena and parodied it with a new character he created called Tebowie, which is a mix of David Bowie and Tim Tebow.  Last night he gave a live performance in full Tebowie gear using Bowie’s “Major Tom” tune with his own hilarious lyrics.  Before you get all worked up over another Tebow bit in pop culture, make sure to listen to the song first.  Fallon definitely ribs Tebow over his religious powers on the gridiron, albeit in comedic fashion that’s funnier than a dog with no legs.  Check it out below, and don’t forget to turn up the dial!  You’ve been thinking that Jimmy Fallon is one of the best impressionists you’ve ever seen…


Download Tebowie song here.

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