JJ Abrams Confirmed to Direct Star Wars: Episode VII or Has He?


The geekverse has suddenly exploded with a solid rumor that JJ Abrams will indeed direct Star Wars: Episode VII even though he vehemently denied it a few weeks ago due to his Star Trek commitments.  According to The Wrap and Deadline the former LOST creator has been wooed by the forces at Lucasfilm, and has committed to the next Star Wars movie project.

I’m not one to post rumors, but I’ve seen the “JJ Abrams is directing Star Wars 7” story plastered across every major outlet for geek news, so I’ve fallen in line with the other sheep.  If it is indeed true I’m a happy Star Wars fanboy.  JJ has done no wrong in my eyes throughout his entire career, and in my opinion he actually made Star Trek cool again, so I’m definitely for him giving the next Star Wars movie a go.  On a side note Ben Affleck was also seriously considered for the job, but I guess the powers at be went with JJ.

Stay tuned for more news on this topic as it rolls out.  I’m not going to believe it 100% until he comes out and verifies it.  You’ve been thinking this may be too good to be true…


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