Joe Jeremiah Releases A-Bit of Final Fantasy – Covers FF6-7 and X

jj-final-fantasyOnce again the chiptune master himself, Joe Jeremiah, has created yet another fantastic 8-bit themed version of a popular video game franchise’s music. This time around Joe tackled the Final Fantasy franchise and its iconic music created by the venerable Nobuo Uematsu. In particular his montage features “To Zanarkand” from Final Fantasy X, “Terra’s Theme” from Final Fantasy VI, and the very familiar “Fighting (FF7 Battle Theme)” from .

If you love chiptune music from gaming’s past you’ll most definitely enjoy Jeremiah’s latest creation. He always manages to capture the heart and soul of the original piece while also adding his own 8-bit feel. Head on down below to check out A-Bit of Final Fantasy.

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