Only John Daly could whip that jacket at the birth place of golf!  You have to love how he is basically saying, “Hey golf traditionalists, Go F*ck yourselves!”  This is a picture from this week’s Open Championship where past winners got together for a photo.  Daly’s jacket just lights up the whole scene.  It screams, “Man I could be at the pub drinking booze and eating haggis, but I’m stuck hear with these uptight bozos.

Doesn’t he look wasted?  Maybe he’s just pinching out a fart, and is concentrating so he doesn’t make any noise, or sh*t in his pants.  I don’t know but Tiger and Padraig have some strange expressions on their faces.  It’s like they’re thinking, “Hmm this hillbilly shouldn’t be here, and why does he smell like he uses scotch for deodorant?”  You can always count on Daly for bucking golf traditions.  Love it big guy!  You’ve been wondering where that crappy island jacket went…

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