John Hurt: The Man of Many Roles

John Hurt has been in the acting business for a very, very long time. The man has had a role in just about every movie genre and I can guarantee you know one of his movies which has probably made an impression on you. Alien, Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone, Hellboy, and V for Vendetta are just a few of the movies that he has appeared in. Would it be out of line to say John Hurt felt like the Godfather of the geek realm? John Hurt never appeared to slow down either. Again the guy just seemed happy to be an actor, and he thoroughly enjoyed working.

His ability to transform himself in each role he took was impressive. In Hellboy, he played Professor Trevor ‘Broom’ Bruttenholm, the guy who found Hellboy and took care of him. He cared for him the way a father would. Their relationship was far from perfect, but they loved each other nonetheless. Broom’s untimely death strikes a cord in Hellboy that sets him on a path to avenge his father.

In Alien, he played Kane who was part of a team that answered a distress call but ended up with more than they bargained for. Kane met his untimely death when an alien burst through his chest. It went on to be one of the most famous scenes in film history. Makes you think twice about going to space now. It should also be noted that John Hurt made a cameo in Spaceballs and the iconic scene was done again. His character simply muttered, “Oh no, not again.”

In Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone he played the famous wand maker and wand shop owner, Ollivander. His purpose was to aid wizards and witches to find the right wand before heading to Hogwarts. His philosophy was simple, let the wand choose you. Ollivander  was captured by Lord Voldermort and tortured him in order to obtain more wand lore in how it could help him defeat Harry Potter. In the end Ollivander is rescued and Lord Voldermort is defeated.

In V for Vendetta Hurt played Adam Sutler, the cruel dictator of Britain. He is a former police constable right wing extremist that wreaked havoc on the lower class and started a war in order to have control over Britain.  Sutler used various intelligence groups to keep tabs on Britain’s citizens to ensure that they were obeying the very strict rules set forth by him. Basically, if it is not approved by Sutler it is no good. In the end we know what happens to him.

To many people he was Zane, Ollivander, Professor Oxley, a Doctor, or whatever other character you want to pull out of the bag. To have watched him act was like being transported to another time or dimension. To say he was talented is an understatement. Even if you did not know him by name, you probably know him by face or a character he has played. He was a legendary actor and his film legacy is one that will be talked about for many years to come.


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