The 90s had a much more prominent arcade scene than today, but the Switch happens to emulate the era in more ways than one. Johnny Turbo’s Arcade: Wizard Fire extends the Switch’s old school gaming library even further, providing a multiplayer action RPG from the 90s for anyone with $7.99 to spare.

Wizard Fire ran with a simple premise back in 1992. Darkness spreads throughout the land, and it’s up to one or two players to save the world by defeating Evil Emperor Doom. You and a friend choose from five characters: the Knight, Wizard, Bard, Elf, and Dwarf, each with their own characteristics. Whether you prefer the Wizard’s strong magic power or the Elf’s fast movement speed, the ability to team up with a friend to take down evildoers never gets old.

Thanks to Flying Tiger Entertainment, Johnny Turbo’s Arcade: Wizard Fire makes Data East’s old school isometric RPG more accessible than ever. And with the Switch’s propensity for multiplayer, the marriage of two-player arcade games and Nintendo just keeps developing.

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