Joker Takes on Negan In Live-Action Super Power Beat Down Video

The batinthesun has released a new episode of their Super Power Beat Down YouTube series, which pits various pop culture characters against each other in a battle to the death. In this new episode Negan from The Walking Dead takes on the Joker from DC Comics. I for one think that the pairing of these two villains is brilliant, as they do sort of mirror each other. The Joker is clearly crazier than Negan, but they both rule with fear and intimidation, so they do have some similarities.

In their battle the two duke it out for control of a hideout, and naturally Negan brandishes Lucille while the Joker uses a crowbar and other weapons he finds lying around. The battle played out as I expected, although I was hoping for a more violent and brutal resolution.

Head on up above to see how the battle plays out. Just make sure to skip through the build up, because the battle doesn’t start until around the 5:00 minute mark.


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