Jon Snow’s Longclaw Really Did Blink During Game of Thrones: The Dragon and The Wolf

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The Longclaw blinking theory has just gotten more fuel for its fire thanks to a scene in the finale episode of Game of Thrones’ seventh season. Now fans thought they saw Jon Snow’s Longclaw sword blink during Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall, but that theory was somewhat squashed as being a result of the cold and lighting while filming. Even the episode’s Director came out to say that the sword wasn’t blinking and that it was an unintentional by-product of the filming conditions.

While that may be his story, and possibly true, another instance of Longclaw blinking surfaced in the show’s Season Final episode, “The Dragon and The Wolf”. This was pointed out to us by KungFu Treachery, a long time fan and student of pop culture, and after rewatching the scene, I have to agree that Longclaw is blinking. I’m not sure how else to describe what is happening here. The damn sword is alive!

The scene is from within the first few minutes of the episode. In particular, it takes place as Jon and Tyrion are talking about how many people live in King’s Landing. The camera is focused on Tyrion’s face, so Jon’s sword pommel is clearly in view. It’s almost as if his sword was meant to be in view while Tyrion is talking. It just seems like the shot was setup to prominently feature Longclaw behind Tyrion.

Anyway, I recorded the scene on my phone, so the quality isn’t ideal, but you can clearly see Longclaw blink. Maybe it’s a cloud overhead, but to me it looks like the sword has eye lids and they blink. I went ahead and created some loops in the video to show the blink over and over. I could be way off, but the evidence just points to the sword blinking.

In terms of what this may mean I don’t have much of a clue. If the sword is blinking, then it is alive somehow. Maybe the Valyrian steel has magical properties? Maybe it is endowed with the powers of the Children of the Forest? Who really knows, but I just can’t ignore what is shown in the clip below, so head on down and check it out for yourself.


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