Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is In Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Johnson Not In Talks for Episode IX

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Director Rian Johnson was over in Japan to promote the movie, and he let loose some new information about a cameo from one of his close friends. While talking at a junket he revealed that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be voicing an alien in the film. It sounds like a small indiscreet part, but JGL is definitely in the film, and Johnson has challenged everyone with trying to figure out which alien Joseph voices.

Johnson’s quote, which was captured in the video above, goes like this:

“You know what I can tell you is that my, and we haven’t said this yet, but I think this is OK to say, is that my very good friend, the actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who was in a movie I made called Looper, he does a cameo as a voice of an alien in the film. It’s a very brief little thing, but it’s fun, and if you watch the movie, maybe you’ll be able to hear and pick out Joe’s voice in the movie. That’s the first time I’m revealing that.”

If you’re wondering why JLG was given this role you should know that he and Johnson are good friends, and worked together on Johnson’s other films Brick and Looper.

In the same junket Johnson was also pretty clear on the fact that he has no plans to direct Star Wars: Episode IX, which lost its Director last week. Johnson said:

“It was never in the plan for me to direct Episode IX, so I don’t know what’s going to happen with it. For me, I was entirely focused on Episode VIII and having this experience and now I’m just thinking of putting the movie out there and seeing how audiences respond to it. So no, I’m not really thinking about that now. Whoever does it, I’m going to be really excited to be an audience member again. And to sit down and see what the next filmmaker has to show us and where this story ends up going.”

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hit theaters on December 15, 2017.


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