Jotun’s Fiery Boss Revealed, Release Date Announced

Thunder Lotus Games have announced the official release date for Jotun today and revealed the game’s fire boss, Kaunan.

On September 29, 2015, players will be able to step into the boots of the redemption-seeking warrior, Thora, and battle against the likes of Kaunan in Jotun.

Kaunan, as seen in the reveal trailer above, is a fierce and fiery boss. His main weapon is a molten hot blade that has the potential to slice Thora like she’s hot butter.

Thora isn’t going in unprepared of course, as Jotun gives players every tool needed to tackle the game’s massive baddies early on. Check out Entertainment Buddha’s hands-on preview of the game for more information about Jotun in preparation for its release.


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