Joy to the World, ‘We Happy Few’ is Coming in April 2018

Do you remember We Happy Few? I sure do. Back in 2016, Microsoft had revealed the game at its E3 Press Conference—the first (and only) E3 I attended. Watching it live was one thing—I was hooked from the start of its original trailer. As a huge fan of BioShock, this was right up my alley. Finding out it’d be available to play on the show floor? That was another thing entirely. But time, as it likes to do, continued on, and without any news on We Happy Few‘s release.

Outside of an Xbox Game Preview last year (that was, admittedly, hard to swallow), and an Early Access period that avoided the limelight, the game kind of just…vanished. That is, until now.

Developer Compulsion Games recently announced a partnership with Gearbox Productions and revealed We Happy Few‘s new release date: April 13, 2018. A PS4 edition is coming along for the ride, as well.

A slew of new additions is planned for the game before it hits store shelves, including a full-length story campaign with three different character narratives and more than 250 unique encounters. We Happy Few seems to be leaning into its dystopian narrative more than ever, and its story looks to be fully supported by a more realized mixture of stealth and combat. Here’s Guillaume Provost, Studio Head of Compulsion Games:

“Our team was humbled by the initial public reception to We Happy Few, and delighted to have this chance to make it bigger. We’re longtime fans of Borderlands, and we’re excited to be part of a line-up that also includes games like Homeworld and Fortnite. Gearbox believed in us from the very beginning, and we think this partnership will make it possible to create the game that our community expects.”

If you already own the game from its previous Early Access and Xbox Game Preview offers, you may have an idea of what to expect already. The good news is, you all will be able to see how We Happy Few comes together next year without any extra cost.

Did the trailer above fan the flames of your love for We Happy Few? If that fire spread its way into your wallet, you might want to look into the newly announced Collector’s Edition

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