JUMP FORCE Launch Trailer Is Action-Packed

I still don’t know exactly what the concept of JUMP FORCE‘s story is, but I think it’s something like Marvel Vs. Capcom. A bunch of different dimensions are brought together and all the bad guys band together against the good guys, under the control of one big bad guy. Then the good guys beat up all the bad guys and maybe then the bad guys turn around and help them beat the big bad guy.

Something something nonsensical anime plot, who the fuck cares because KENSHIRO CAN FINALLY FIGHT FRIEZA.

I’m very excited for this game simply because of the absurdity of having all of these characters fight each other. I don’t really care how dumb the story is going to be, because we already know it’s going to be silly. The launch trailer showcases pretty much every big character that we’ve seen so far for a few seconds each. It’s also a reminder that the early access for the game starts today, so what the hell are you doing reading this? Get playing!

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