As we roll into the summer months, the video game world tends to go on something of a hiatus. Big name releases tend to slow down and video game fans all too often find themselves turning to the great outdoors for entertainment instead of shutting themselves inside with new games to enjoy.

The month of June is upon us, bringing with it a handful of new releases with it. While this month may lack a ton of promising titles, there is still plenty to experience and enjoy. The games below represent the best of this month’s offerings. Take a look, perhaps you’ll find something to keep you indoors for the rest of the month.

10) GRID Autosport:


Racing fans will be able to sit behind the wheel once more with this month’s release of GRID Autosport. A follow-up to last year’s lackluster GRID 2, Autosport promises to revitalize the racing franchise with new locations, vehicles and tight racing gameplay.

Fans of the series will be happy to know that GRID Autosport features the return of the series’ beloved in-car view, allowing players unparalleled racing immersion. Set to release on June 24, 2014 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, GRID Autosport looks to be this summer’s premier racing offering.

9) Tomodachi Life:


Nintendo 3DS owners are sure to be excited for the June 6, 2014 release of Tomodachi Life. The cute and quirky life simulation looks to be a prime example of Nintendo doing what they do best – providing imaginative and enjoyable gameplay in a neat package.

In Tomodachi Life, players experience life on an island inhabited by numerous Miis. These Miis can be created or importetd as the player sees fit, allowing for an ever-evolving experience filled with interesting encounters, hilarious moments and everything in between.

8) EA Sports UFC:


Mixed Martial Arts enthusiasts should prepare to step this month with the launch of EA Sports UFC on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox OneBoasting some of the most impressive visuals seen to date on the new consoles, UFC looks to be a visceral and intense video game entry into the popular sport.

Outside of impressive visuals, UFC also features a dynamic AI system that ensures each and every fight plays out differently than the one before.

7) God Will Be Watching:


To many video game fans, the notion of a point and click adventure title might not be the most thrilling prospect. However, Gods Will Be Watching, the upcoming indie darling, is sure to change many gamers’ minds.

Presented in a beautiful, pixelated style, Gods Will Be Watching offers a thrilling take on the traditional point and click genre. As the leader of a small group, Gods Will Be Watching requires players to make tough – and often brutal – decisions in order to survive. Destined to stay with the player long after they finish the game, Gods Will Be Watching should be one of this summer’s most thrilling and unforgettable video game releases.

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