Jurassic Park 3D Review: A Classic Made Better by Modern Film Tech


Jurassic Park made a huge impression on me just like I imagine it did for other geeks who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s.  It’s practical special effects, and for the time cutting edge CGI work, made it stick out amongst its peers.  If you didn’t find dinosaurs interesting before you saw this film, you surely did after watching it.

Jurassic Park is a classic, and at times the thought of changing properties of this nature make fans feel a little uneasy.  Just look what happened to the Star Wars saga.  George Lucas’ constant tampering with his original trilogy, and its many re-releases, have left fans feeling like the movies they first fell in love with no longer exist in the form that made them so popular.  I can’t help but agree with this sentiment, and it pains my soul to even think about it.

Luckily fans of Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park have nothing to fear about its 2013 3D reissue.  I made an effort to catch a viewing of this limited time engagement, and I couldn’t help but feel like the 3D effect made Jurassic Park even better than it was.  The conversion process worked perfectly.  It was almost as if Spielberg shot the film in 3D twenty years ago, but he knew the technology wasn’t available yet, so he didn’t flip the proverbial 3D switch until 2013.

I have seen current movies that sport the third dimension that don’t look as solid as what I witnessed in my IMAX screening of Jurassic Park 3D.  The effect made the tension of the film feel that more real, and it looked great during the more infamous scenes, such as the T-Rex debacle, and the raptor museum hunt.  Having these scenes in 3D made the horrendous ordeal that the characters were facing seem even more vivid and harrowing.  I could feel with my eyes and brain what it would be like to be trapped in the back of a Ford Explorer while a T-Rex tried to eat me through its over-sized sun roof.  I experienced the terror of being chased by a falling vehicle through an ancient tree unlike I’ve ever been able to before thanks to the new, and very well done 3D effects.

One of the greatest action-terror scenes of all-time

Jurassic Park 8

I’m happy to report to fans of the original Jurassic Park that the special effects that made it so famous didn’t get ruined by the 3D conversion. Both the CGI and full scale model versions of the dinosaurs still look fantastic, which is amazing to think about considering that they’re 20 years old. 3D visuals aside, it’s still amazing to see how well Jurassic Park still looks when compared to films made in the past 5 years.  I’m hoping this re-release serves as a reminder to directors both new and old that CGI isn’t the only answer when it comes to creating magical worlds in the 21st century.  Spielberg’s rendition of Crichton’s novel, even with converted 3D, still looks better and more realistic than many modern science fiction films that also sport third dimension visuals.

There’s no need to review the content of the film since it’s been around since most of us were geeks in training, but I can tell you that if you haven’t watched Jurassic Park in a long time, then Jurassic Park 3D is the perfect way to reminisce about a much simpler time in your life.  The content holds up perfectly, and proves that this is one of those ageless films that will wow audiences for many more years to come.  If you made the mistake of watching The Phantom Menace in converted 3D, I can tell you in good conscience that Spielberg’s Jurassic Park doesn’t come off as half-assed as George’s attempt to cash in on his crappy prequel film one more time.

Jurassic Park 3D is well worth a viewing, but you better shit or get off the park, because it won’t remain in theaters too long.  I suggest watching it in glorious IMAX 3D, because the large screen and booming sound system only enhance the 3D and on-screen action.  For its excellent use of 3D and classic science fiction movie effects, I have to give Jurassic Park 3D 9.5 out of 10 Buddhas.  It’s a no-brainer for fans of the film, so put down whatever device your reading this review on, and get your ass to a movie theater before it’s too late!  You’ve been hoping this re-release also comes out on 3D Blu-ray…

Jurassic Park 3D

9.5 out of 10 Buddhas

The Awesome

  • Time honored classic that holds up well
  • Great 3D conversion
  • Chance for a younger generation of geeks to watch this classic

The Not so Awesome

  • It’s only out for a limited time
  • Some of the tech featured in the film makes it dated


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