Jurassic Park is Less Terrifying in 8-Bit Form

Jurassic Park was one of the first PG-13 movies I ever saw (the others: Apollo 13 and Dumb and Dumber), and I’ll never forget watching at my friends house and staring in awe at the amazing dinosaurs and the various chases and near-death experiences the main cast faced. To this day my friends and I quote Samuel L. Jackson’s Ray Arnold and Jeff Goldblum’s stammering Ian Malcolm.

With Jurassic World just a few days from its release, the crew at CineFix put together the above video, honoring yet another classic film with their 8-bit remake. Tag along as the crew is introduced to Isla Nublar and it’s recently revived inhabitants, who decide they don’t like human control and decide to go their own way.

You can check out more 8-bit videos on CineFix’s YouTube channel here.


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