Just Cause 3 Panoramic Trailer Takes You on a Magic Wingsuit Ride

Just Cause 3 is jumping in on the virtual reality train with their new 360º panoramic trailer, and it couldn’t look more beautiful.

Square Enix developed a free app, Wingsuit Experience, for both Android and iOS devices. Utilizing your smartphone’s gyrometer, this package deal allows you to rotate the camera by clicking and dragging the footage as it plays.

VR goggles, such as Google Cardboard or Merge VR Goggles, can be use to even further immerse viewers into the virtual world. Watching Rico Rodriguez soaring around the island of Medici is utterly breathtaking in its own right. If anything, small content such as this compilation of videos can only help propel the VR movement into massive popularity.

You can find and download the apps in the hyperlinks above.

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