Episode 4 of Just Cause 3‘s Developer Diary series has just been uploaded to YouTube, focusing on the depth behind Rico and the story behind the ambitious game.

Rico is a previously exiled leader of Medici, the country in which he was raised. His return incites a rebellion against Di Ravello, an omniscient and evil dictator. Rico’s intention is to rebuild a democratic state for the Medici he grew so fond of in his youth. This attachment to his beloved country urges Rico away from pure chaos as he means to preserve the well-being of the country instead of burning it into ruin just to win the war.

With this said, the story in Just Cause 3 is asinine enough to not take itself too seriously. Between twenty to thirty missions are laid out in game to help move the story along, with repeatable challenges set up with leaderboards to help promote competitive gameplay.

It’s comforting to see Avalanche Studios using feedback from Just Cause 2 to fuel the changes in the third installment, but interested gamers will have to wait until December 1 to witness the improvements for themselves.

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