Just Like Woody Jim Tressel’s Illustrious Career Goes Down in Flames

I think Buckeye Nation knew it had to happen, but no one wanted to believe that the great Jim Tressel’s career would end the way it did today.  After 10 extremely successful seasons at The Ohio State University Jim Tressel has resigned.  It was a memorable 10 seasons that saw OSU return to championship form winning a National Title in 2002, and dominating the Big 10 as if the rest of the conference were Ohio State’s b*tch.  Then one fateful day last April, The Vest made a decision that would mark the end of his up until this point, honorable career at OSU.

The curious decision not to inform the NCAA about his player’s misdoings eventually lead to his downfall, and will forever tarnish his otherwise stellar reputation.  This isn’t something new in Columbus though.  The great Woody Hayes’ career ended in the same type of fashion, and now like Hayes Tressel’s legacy will have a mark on it that the sports world will never forget.  Both coaches did amazing things for the Ohio State University Football Program, and both will mostly be remembered as heroes, but fans will always be left wondering “what if?”.  What if Hayes never decked that player?  Would he have gone on to win another handful of titles?  What if Tressel never lied about his players involvement in the Tattoo Parlor scandal?  Would he have gone on to win another BCS Championship, and would he have continued the dominance over the team up north?

Who Would’ve Thought That Tressel’s OSU Career Would End in Controversy?

Unfortunately, we will never know because both of these coaching greats made decisions that cut their careers at Ohio State short.  They’re legends in the college game that will always be remembered for their one bad move rather than their victories.  It’s a sad time to be a Buckeye fan, because we did love our Vest, and I’m sure some of us still do.  I’ll always respect Tressel for what he did at Ohio State, but I’ll never understand why he made the decisions he did that lead to his untimely resignation.  It just goes to show you that no matter what you think about someone they’re never the person you think they are.

Buckeye Nation, it’s time to move forward!  I loved The Vest too, but his tenure is over, so it’s time to start anew.  For the time being we must get behind Luke Fickell who supposedly will coach the squad for the 2011 season, but after that the fate of the Scarlet in Grey will be up in the air.  If it were a perfect world I’d say Urban Meyer would be a wonderful fit for the 2012 Buckeyes, but anything can happen between now and then.  Although, an additional year off in 2011 may be just what Urban needs to get the coaching bug again, but I’m not holding my breath.

Don’t forget that the OSU football program is still under investigation by the NCAA, so when their ruling comes out no coach may want to touch this program with a 10ft. pole.  Only time will tell, so until then everything is just speculation.  The only fact in this depressing saga is that another legendary OSU football coach has ended his career in a less than positive fashion.  You’ve always known it had to happen, but it still doesn’t feel good…

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