Just Look at These Pre-Order Rewards for ‘LawBreakers: Deadzo Deluxe Edition’

Gravity-defying combat. Check out all of the rad AF digital content featured exclusively in the Deadzo Deluxe Edition of LawBreakers, including high-value skins, unique profile icons, and so much more.

LawBreakers is an extremely competitive team-based FPS set in an alternate future where the world has been divided into two factions after “The Shattering,” a huge event that changed gravity forever. After this cataclysmic event, the world recovered and brought in a new age of technological advancements that grant near-superhuman abilities. Now that the new technology rages on, the two factions fight for control while a peacekeeping organization attempts to uphold the law. Players, choose a side: Law, or Breakers?

LawBreakers will be released on the PS4 and Steam on August 8th, 2017. If that’s not close enough for the die-hard fans, join the #RiseUpBeta.

To sign up for the super sick beta, head here!


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