‘Justice League’ Stunt Pre-Viz Offers A More Snyder-like Wonder Woman Entrance

If you’ve seen Justice League, then you probably felt like you watched a movie that was worked on by more than one Director, because it was due to Snyder exiting the film for whatever reason you may now believe. The film just felt a bit scattered, and it didn’t have a cohesive vision from start to finish. This has caused many DCEU fans to call for a Snyder cut of the film, because after all he was the man that had the vision for Man of Steel, BvS, and Justice League. Snyder also has a very distinct visual style, especially with his action sequences, which were all but missing from the final cut of Justice League, which was curated by Joss Whedon.

Snyder may have faltered a bit with his story telling in Man of Steel and BvS, but no one can say that he didn’t make those movies look amazing, and he excelled at the action set pieces as well. Due to the call for a Snyder cut, various deleted scenes, and now a stunt pre-viz reel have turned up to offer what may have been if Zack was allowed to finish Justice League by himself, and I must say they make a compelling argument.

The stunt pre-viz, which you can check out above, is for Wonder Woman’s bank rescue entrance. As you will see it features a more radical approach to the action, and has Wonder Woman zipping around and kicking way more ass than we got to see her kick. It just feels like Snyder’s version of the scene, and I agree with most of the video’s commenters that it is way better than the stripped down version of the entrance that we got.

I still don’t believe WB will ever release a Snyder cut though. I think at this point it’s a pride thing too, because there is clearly enough fan interest to probably warrant spending money to get a Snyder cut pieced together for retail, but whatever happened between the WB suits and Snyder seems to be too great of a divide to let the man’s version of the film see the light of day. I’m sure it’s backlash for the less than well received BvS, but I still wish they would have let him just finish out his DCEU trilogy. I know they say Snyder left to deal with the death of his daughter, but deep down I think WB pushed him out and allowed him to save face by not saying he was fired.

Either way, I hope we get more vids like this to help us piece together what may have been for Justice League if its production didn’t lose its Director towards the end of the race.


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