Platform games seem to be a dime to the dozen, for all intents and purposes they either end up sucking or rocking real hard. Kalimba (formerly Project Totem) looks like it may well be the latter.

In the game players take control of parts of a totem pole, and must control them across levels featuring all sorts of enemies and puzzles. The gameplay looks like it could get pretty intense thanks to the player having to use the right totem in the the right situation to progress, though various platforming elements appear to ensure the challenges will not be too simple.

Though Kalimba is single-player, it also supports couch co-op for some multiplayer fun.

Kalimba will be released on Xbox One consoles on December 17th, with a PC version set to release in January of next year. You can expect a full review from us for the title closer to the launch date.


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