Kallari Stalks her Prey in Paragon’s new Gameplay Highlights Trailer

Epic Games continues to prove the uniqueness of Paragon‘s characters with each passing Gameplay Highlights video, and their trailer for Kallari does not disappoint.

Kallari plays the Assassin role in Paragon, adopting incredibly high ability attack power and mobility to make up for her sheer lack of defenses. Any team lucky enough to find Kallari on their team will quickly realize what she brings to the table — her passive alone grants team-wide vision on any enemy below 25% of their maximum health. Armed with this information, Kallari shines best when using Phase Shift to sneak behind enemy lines to assassinate weak targets. Even if the enemy happens to get the jump on Kallari, her evasive dashing maneuvers and aerials do well to get her out of a pinch.

A work-in-progress overview for Kallari’s abilities lies below. March 18 marks the beginning of Early Access for Paragon; make sure you’re prepared.

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