There have been plenty of games over the last few years all about speed running levels and killing a bunch of dudes in every room you come across. Super Hot was one that did this incredibly well, AND in first-person. The game gave you tons of opportunities to play levels different ways every time, giving you tons of weapons, inanimate objects, and bottomless pits to use. It made you feel like a total badass when you’re clear a room in ten seconds in a super-flashy manner, ignoring the 25 times you died trying to do it.

Katana ZERO does this ALSO incredibly well, making you feel like the living embodiment of a Samurai. Not only can you jump around and slice dudes in half, you can also slow down time, deflect bullets with your sword, and way more! At one point, I was getting killed over and over by this group of armed guards with machine guns, trying to kill them head-on. So, instead of doing that, I waited for them to step over some deactivated lasers, and, well, activated them. It was pretty satisfying to see the bad guys that gave me so much trouble explode into bloody chunks.

I also felt dumb that I didn’t think of it sooner because one of them literally gives you a cue to do exactly that so I’m a bad gamer.

In-between, and actually during some of the missions, you’re given different dialogue options that can affect how the rest of the game plays out. A big part of the game is that the person that gives you all of the kill contracts is also your therapist. You can answer his questions reasonably or just demand your medicine and get to the next mission. I mostly did this just so that I wouldn’t make everyone that was in line wait any longer, but I’m excited to play the actual game and explore these options.

Oh, and the soundtrack for the game is a bunch of sweet, thumpin’ vaporwave tracks that the main character listens to on his cassette player. 80’s stuff is cool, go 80’s.

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