Keep The Lights On For SOMA’s Creature Trailer

Frictional Games, the developer behind terrifying classics Amnesia and Penumbra, uploaded a trailer showcasing some of the creatures to be found in their new sci-fi horror game: SOMA.

SOMA is set to release on September 22 for both PC and PS4, giving gamers plenty of time to let the fear sink in. From what’s known of the game, players are cast into an isolated atmosphere with nothing but terror to keep them company. Machines become animated and alien constructions don’t offer much to help the former seem any less terrifying.

Recent horror games like Until Dawn and Five Nights At Freddy’s seem to be reminding the industry of a dormant genre, and it’s surely thrilling to see how each release differentiates themselves from the competition.

If the trailer above is of any indication, SOMA is going to be the talk of the town once the 22nd hits.


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