Kevin Tancharoen’s ‘The Hunger Games’ Pitch Looks Better Than the Real Deal

This is one of those “What if?” scenarios that will surely get fans of The Hunger Games franchise in a tizzy.  We all know that Gary Ross ended up directing The Hunger Games movie that released earlier this year, and for the most part it is an entertaining film.  I enjoyed it without reading the books, but from what I’ve gathered from those of you who did, the movie was a little less gritty and violent than the novels.  Well now fans of the series can view a never-before-seen pitch for The Hunger Games that was directed by Kevin Tancharoen, who is probably most famous for his Mortal Kombat: Legacy live-action web-series that he did a few years ago.

He recently shared his pitch in trailer form with Slashfilm, and now it can be viewed via the embedded video below.  After watching it I can honestly say that I think I would’ve preferred his vision of the movie over Ross’.  Kevin’s take on the franchise seems a little more harsh, and slightly more sci-fi than the version that ultimately released.  For a geek like me I’m drawn to his vision much more than the brighter, dare a I say lighter version that Ross directed.  In the short time it took to watch Tancharoen’s The Hunger Games pitch I immediately felt like it would’ve been a winner, and possibly better than the actual version that is now out on Blu-ray.

I’d really be interested in hearing from one of you that has actually read the books, and saw the film adaptation to know once and for all which director had a better vision of Collins’ work.  I just re-watched the film over the weekend, and it’s still a decent movie, but I can’t help but wonder what it would’ve been if Kevin’s pitch made it through the suits at the studio.  You can check it out below, and by all means please let us know what you think by leaving a comment.  You’ve been thinking that this dude should direct the third film…

Kevin Tancharoen’s The Hunger Games Pitch Trailer [/Film Exclusive]

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