Kids’ Choices Matter Most in ‘The Thief of Wishes’ App

The Thief of Wishes is an interactive storybook coming to the App Store this year, and its intended audience is an impressionable one: children.

Kids follow the story of Catharine, a brave, book-loving girl who aspires to help make the world a better place. In order to do so, Catharine must travel between two worlds—a old, lovely town and a nightmarish version of it—to reveal the world’s secrets and protect the town’s inhabitants.

With over 40 beautifully illustrated pages sure to capture the eyes and hearts of children, The Thief of Wishes offers kids a lot of opportunities to learn about many of life’s trials and tribulations. Each page features two choices to be made with alternative dialogue options and various endings to be discovered through play, granting kids more control over the outcome of their story. The app’s entire presentation is reminiscent of a bygone era of fairytales and choose-your-own-adventure books, both of which resonate well with a child’s imagination. This is, undoubtedly, a story for kids, but that doesn’t leave out the parents. Your role as a parent becomes an integral, supplementary one: talking to your kid(s) about the questions The Thief of Wishes proposes.

Creative thinking, reading skills, and the ideas of fulfillment and consequences light Catharine’s path towards the end of her story. Kids will have to choose their own way in order to progress, allowing them to confront the effects of their actions. And with so many mysteries afoot—a distorted dream, a mysterious monster, and a magical fountain to name a few—The Thief of Wishes is chock full of potential conversations.

“We knew from the start that we want Catharine (‘The Girl’) and the Thief (‘The Monster’) perform together as a duo,” says Lucyna Markowska, scriptwriter and game designer at All Blue Studio. “But the theme of the script was more comedic, with continuous escapes, gags, and many attempts to take the stolen coins away from the Thief. With time, however, we discovered that we would prefer a more serious story, which meant that a more interesting Thief was necessary. The current one also has magic powers. They are not, however, so comical. We also changed his motives – instead of acting out of greed or malice, he became a more complex character, the prisoner of the Fountain, whose past is shrouded with mystery.”

What better way to talk to your child about life than through the lessons learned from a game? The Thief of Wishes intends to strengthen the parent-child bond by sparking conversation, and it sounds like there’s enough intrigue to induce multiple discussions.

If you’re interested in flipping through the app’s digital pages with your kid, keep an eye out for The Thief of Wishes releasing on iOS before the end of the year.


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