Killer is Dead’s 5th Trailer: For the Love of the Game


There is certainly a lot to look forward to in regards to Suda 51’s upcoming action game Killer is Dead. The game is complete with Suda’s signature graphical stylings (a la Killer 7), over-the-top characters, and more violence than you can shake a bionic arm at.

IGN released Killer is Dead’s 5th official trailer earlier and for a world-weary gamer like myself – it is a sight for sore eyes. Opening with the game’s protagonist, Mondo Zappa, standing near another character named Davis -clothed entirely in gold lace. Mondo stands with his sword drawn, questioning David’s motives. Upon being told of David’s quest for ‘unparralled power’, Mondo remarks with what might just be one of the best line of dialogue in recent years:

“Taking over the world is so overraterd, plus it’s way out of style. And besides, if you go that route, we’ll get tons of complaints from the gamers. Isn’t this supposed to be an action game?”

Davis remarks that there is no alternative to ‘crossing swords’, to which Mondo smartly remarks that it is ‘all for the sake of the game’.

This dialogue, no matter how cheesy it might seem at first glance, serves to really illustrate Suda’s approach to Killer is Dead. In an age where games often try simply too hard to go for gritty realism, Killer is Dead seems to have its feet rooted firmly in the land of absurdism. If the dialogue isn’t enough to prove that point, then taking a look at the rest of the trailer certainly clears up any questions. Complete with truly strange enemies and visceral combat, the rest of the trailer showcases some of the game’s truly awesome combat. Check the trailer out below to see for yourself.

Set for an August release, Killer is Dead will be available on the PS3 and Xbox 360

Killer Is Dead – 5th Trailer

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