Kinect B00B Jiggle Hack – Holy Bouncing Bombs Batman!

A geek who must be infatuated with digital cleavage, has created a Kinect hack that allows you to see what your favorite female videogame character’s chest will do if you bounce up and down in real life.  That’s right, if you’re sad enough to never have seen a real pair of b00bs jiggle, this hack is for you.  It looks like you can use any character that has a pair of funbags in this hack, but for the demo this geek used Ivy from Soul Caliber.

All the hack does is mirror your movements from the Kinect and translate them to the female model on the screen.  The rest is up to physics and how much jiggling you want to see.  If anything, this hack shows you how unrealistically large these digital bombs are.  Check out the demo below, and if you want to be a real creep, check out this link for the hack download.  You’ve been wondering how Lara Croft’s missiles would look like running on a treadmill…


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