Microsoft’s Kinect motion controller has just ousted Apple’s iPad as the fastest selling home electronic device of all time.  The Kinect, which debuted in November, has sold 10 million units in 4 months time, where the iPad took over half a year to reach the 10 million mark.  Now this shouldn’t be too big of a surprise considering the Kinect has a much lower barrier to entry with a cost of only $150 compared to the iPad which ranges from $500 – $800 in price.  Although, the Kinect sales figures are very impressive considering most industry experts dismissed it as Microsoft’s attempt to gain some momentum in the motion controlled gaming movement started by the Wii.

I don’t think anyone thought the Kinect would sell like hot cakes, but if you’ve played one it’s not hard to imagine.  Even if the games are fairly simple the technology in itself is amazing.  The Kinect has not only be a monetary success, but I really think it will lead to breakthroughs in virtual reality and other futuristic endeavours that we’ve only seen in the movies.  I wonder where Sony’s Move fits into all of this, because at this point I’d say MS is definitely winning when it comes to selling their new motion controller?  You’ve been wishing you invented this thing…

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