I think I managed to go a whole week without posting a Kinect hack until now.  Yet another geeky genius figured out a way to integrate the Kinect into a popular gaming franchise that wasnt’ made to use it.  I’m talking about a Kinect hack enabled Street Fighter IV!  The creator of this hack described how he did this on his site saying that he used: “A combination of FAAST for Kinect input and GlovePIE for the chuck and scripting of special moves.”  What ever the f*ck that means doesn’t really matter.  The awesome part is being able to throw some hadoukens in your very own gaming den!

If a Street Fighter game ever truly adopted motion controls we could definitely cut down on our overweight gaming population.  Trust me, this would kick your ass!  Have you even tried playing a sports game with the Kinect yet?  I’m no fat slob and Kinect Sports can kicks my ass with certain events and that just involves blocking soccer balls, or running in place around a track.  Hopefully, hacks like this gain momentum and the actual devs start using it for retail gaming releases.  Check out the hadouken throwing madness below.  You’ve been wondering how you’d do Blanka’s electrocution via the Kinect…


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Via [The Escapist source Demize2010]


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