Microsoft recently put out the Kinect sales figures, which showed 2.5 million units being sold in just 25 days.   Using my fingers and most of my toes, I’ve calculated that to be close to 100,000 Kinects per day.  Where the iPad sells around 50,000 units per day on average in a 90 day period (Source).  This isn’t surprising considering it’s probably one of the top 3 must have geeky Christmas gifts.  Have you tried finding one lately?

I think Microsoft’s claim that the Kinect is outpacing the iPad is true, but is it really relevant?  The devices have drastically different price points, with the Kinect starting as low as $150 and going up to $399 in a bundle.  Where the iPad ranges from $499 to $829.  To me MS is comparing apples to oranges.  Don’t get me wrong, I think the market has spoken favorably in regards to the Kinect, but I don’t really see why they’re comparing themselves to Apple’s iPad versus the Move.  I guess you could take the brand new technology angle, and how fast consumers adopted each one, but I think the Kinect needs more time before MS starts claiming that their new tech sold faster than Apple’s.

Fanboy allegiances aside, I love that both MS and Apple continue to push the technology boundaries year in and year out.  Without these two companies, who knows where we would be right now in regards to technological progress.  Thanks Billy and Steve, I don’t hate you as much as the rest of the World!  You’ve been thinking about stockpiling some Kinects to bleed parents dry on ebay during the Holiday Season…

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