Kinect Star Wars Game May Feature Pod Racing and Rancor Stomping Action

The infamous demo shown at last year’s E3 that featured a Kinect based Star Wars title was the first glimpse into what the Kinect motion-controller could do for a franchise like Star Wars.  While the demo was more or less a recorded video the game itself is real, and it should be releasing this Holiday Season.  Some details have been leaked about this still unnamed Star Wars Kinect game that hint at the possibility of pod racing and Rancor play accompanying the virtual sword swinging seen in the 2010 demo.  The leaked survey, which was snagged by Kotaku, hinted at the strong possibility of gamers being able to pilot pods with an imaginary wheel, as well as literally stepping into the shoes of a Rancor so they can stomp the living sh*t out of little virtual bad guys.

I was planning on getting the Star Wars Kinect game just out of my fanboy allegiance to the franchise, but the possibility of these two new gameplay features makes the deal even sweeter.  I’m such a sucker for all things SW even if Lucas butchered my childhood memories of the OT with his PT fiasco.  Damn!  I hate even bringing the subject up because it makes me want to cry knowing that the fearsome Darth Vader from my youth is nothing more than a cry-baby p*ssy who couldn’t handle not having his Mommy with him on Coruscant!  Anyway, what do the rest of you think about the possibility of pod racing, and/or rancor piloting in the Star Wars Kinect game?  Will you be getting your Force on Kinect style this Holiday Season?  You’ve been tricked into buying another Star Wars product even though you promised never to sell your soul again…

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