The delay for Kinect Star Wars’ release may be a good thing, because since it’s last showing at all of the Summer conventions it has received some overhauls in both its gameplay and its visuals.  Most importantly for third dimension worshipers such as myself, is the inclusion of 3D, which was announced this week at CES.  Their have also been reports coming from CES which tell a tale of improved functionality in regards to the game’s motion controls.  Up until recently many critics bashed Star Wars Kinect for having awful controls, and for providing a gaming experience devoid of any type of pleasure.

It seems that by delaying the game until this year some of the bugs have been worked out to provide a much more smooth gameplay experience.  There’s also been some positive reviews coming out of CES 2012 in regards to the game’s pod racing component, which you can see in action below.  There’s still no firm release date for this Xbox 360 exclusive, but some indications are pointing to a late Spring release in 2012.  I’m a sucker for Star wars crap, so I’ll be picking this thing up when it eventually comes out.  Damn you Lucas!!  You’ve been not wanting to buy this game, but you will anyway because you’re a fanboy…

Kinect Star Wars at CES 2012

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