Kinect Users Finally Get Motion Controls for Netflix…Sorta

One of the biggest disappointments about the Kinect when it launched was the fact that it couldn’t be used to navigate your Netflix queue.  To me it seemed like a no-brainer to include that function when the Kinect first came out, but Microsoft dropped the ball on giving early-adopters of Kinect the ‘Minority Report’ experience when it came to browsing the Netflix app.  Well, 5 months later this functionality is now a reality!

Well, sort of…  At this time gamers can’t browse the full catalog of the Instant Queue by using their hands and voice.  You’ll only be able to use your paws on recommended titles at this time, but once you launch any movie you’ll be able to manipulate it using the hand controls.  So basically, a majority of the title in your Instant Queue will still need to be launched with a controller, but if you need to Play, Pause, Stop, REW, FF said video, you can use the motion controls.

So what do you think?  Yay, neigh, or who gives a sh*t, who gives a f*ck?  Check out a demo of this new functionality below.  You’ve been given a half-a*sed motion control solution for the Netflix Instant Queue on the Xbox 360…

Gesture Controls for Netflix Using Kinect



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