‘King of Fighters XIV’ Teaser Welcomes Two New Fighters

Mui Mui and Kukri have officially joined the fray in King of Fighters XIV, and they both are making a great first impression.

Having mastered the art of kung fu, Mui Mui elegantly maneuvers around the battle delivering melee attacks and grapples with a pretty powerful punch. She seems hard to catch and even harder to defeat. Her positioning changes efficiently often, as well, making it extremely difficult to land a solid attack on her. To say the least, she’s brutally evasive.

Kukri, on the other hand, controls the pace of battle a little differently. His mysterious power to manipulate sand leads to a wide array of impressive abilities – teleportation and clones are just two of them. Levitation, magical sand storms, and large pillars of sand continue the trend. With powers like these, Kukri seem like quite the formidable opponent.

This is the eleventh teaser for King of Fighters XIV. As enjoyable as these videos are, let’s hope that the game comes out before that number gets too much bigger.

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Zachery Bennett

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