Kingdom Hearts III Together Trailer – Disney Friends!

Kingdom Hearts III finally feels like it’s almost here, what with having a definitive release date and the plethora of trailers for it! This time we have the Together trailer, that shows off a bunch of the Disney characters and friends of Sora and crew. We’ve seen tons of action from Rapunzel, but we got a little bit more of a look at Capt. Jack Sparrow as well, and some new footage of Olympus (I think)? Honestly, so many trailers for the game have come out now that I have a hard time keeping track of what footage is new now.

That is a problem that I never thought I would have with this game, that’s for sure.

The game continues to look immensely beautiful and engrossing, with every Disney world pain-stakingly put together. I know it took a long time for this game to get here, but I bet I’m not the only person that’s happy about that when I get to see how it really looks. I’m sure that on a 4k TV running on a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X, this game is going to be jaw-dropping. Check out the trailer above and let us know what your favorite new Disney world is from the trailers!

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