Knight Squad Preview: Hands-on at Pax East

Knight Squad is an eight player game that throws chivalrous behavior out the door, pitting players against each other in ten different team-based or free-for-all game modes, including Capture The Flag, King of The Hill, and Last Man Standing.

I was able to get a hands-on preview while I was at PAX East and had the opportunity to play with a number of other people. This is a good thing, because Knight Squad is more fun when more players are involved. When playing, there are plenty of chances to collect power ups and cool weapons to aid you in your quest to victory. In order to keep the action going, the walls can be broken down, so if you thought there was a chance that you could hide behind one you need to rethink your strategy.


I also had the opportunity to speak with David Pare, game developer on Knight Squad. I asked him if solo gameplay was supported and the answer is yes. You would essentially just play against bots because there is AI support. There will also be leader boards you can check to see where you rank in the game. Pare also talked about the Jailbreak game mode, which is still a work in progress. This game mode is 4 vs. 4 and you can free your teammate if you eliminate an opposing player.

The game is not limited to local co-op, as you will be able to take your knight skills online with your friends, or pick innocent people off one by one. The game is already on Steam early access for $10, so if you have not done so yet check it out, and is set to come to Xbox One in 2015. A release date has not been set just yet, but Knight Squad will hold a price point of between $10 to $15.

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