Kongregate Gives Mobile Gamers Power Up Rewards & Achievements With Its Android App

This past weekend I received an e-mail from Gamestop detailing a partnership with Kongregate that will allow gamers on the go to score some Power Up Rewards points, and even some achievement like badges while gaming on the Android platform.  Talk about double bonus!  Kongregate is a gaming community that has an ever growing catalog of flash based games that can be played on their site, as well as an Android based phone.  Through their partnership with Gamestop they’re offering a way to score some Power Up Rewards (Points that can be used at Gamestop to buy stuff) by joining their site (Free), installing their app on your Droid (Free), and even for completing their Badge of the Day achievement, which comes from a different flash game each day.

Kongregate Android App

Without even thinking I immediately joined up with Kongregate, and then installed their app on my HTC Thunderbolt to score an easy 525 Power Up Rewards for my Gamestop account.  Once the app was installed I quickly found out that this Kongrgate thing is actually a pretty impressive app in itself.  Sure the Power Up Rewards are nice, but I must say that the Flash games on their site are actually very entertaining, and they make a great addition to my game line-up that is installed on my phone.  I wouldn’t say I’m going to spend hours each day playing with the Kongregate app, but its catalog does provide a nice variety of time wasters to occupy my impatient mind.

Vector Runner Mobile – One of Many Great Flash Games on Kongregate

The best part about these games is that they’re easy to pick up and play, and a majority of them have badges (Achievements) to score.  If you’re an achievement or trophy junky this feature will appeal to you.  All of your badges regardless of which game you score them in will show up in your Kongregate profile just like they do in Xbox Live and the PSN.  They also contribute to your overall Kongregate rating, which is similar to your gamerscore on Xbox, or your gamer level on the PSN.  Essentially, the more badges you get, the higher rating you’ll receive on the Kongregate site.  It’s a great way to keep these small Flash games interesting, and definitely brings a sense of accomplishment to your otherwise throw away smartphone gaming experience.

Badge of the Day For Power Up Rewards

Kongregate For Android Interface

If you find yourself always wanting to punch that person in front of you because you hate standing in line, then I highly suggest adding the Kongregate app to your Android phone (Sorry iPhone crowd, the games use that evil Flash thing), so you have something to occupy your impatient mind.  It has a large catalog of games that run very well on Android based phones, and who doesn’t like scoring achievements that go towards an overall gamer rating that you can boast about to your other gamer friends (It’s not like normal people care about our accomplishments, so don’t share with them).

Kongregate Profile – You Have a Favorite Game Section to Keep the Good Ones Close to Your Fingertips

Best of all, if you’re a Power Up Rewards member at Gamestop you can score even more points for your account just by joining, installing, and gaming with the Kongregate application.  What gamer doesn’t like free sh*t?  Make sure to use the QR code below to install the app after you join up on the Kongregate site here.  Friend me if you join up and tell them who sent you – HAMM3RofBUDDHA!  You’ve been given some gaming homework Android users…

Kongregate Android App QR Code





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